Building Act 2011

The new Building Act 2011 came into effect on 2 April 2012. It brings some significant changes to the building approvals process, from the design stage right through to occupation of a building. The new Act separates the process of certifying that a design complies with building standards from the administrative process of the local government issuing building approval (Building Permit). Click here to view the new Building Act 2011.


The following forms are downloadable to assist you with your building application.

These forms and others are also available to download from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety Website.

Uncertified Building Applications

A BA2 uncertified application form must be used for this process.

Applies to applications where you have not used a Private Building Certifier to issue a BA3 Certificate of Design Compliance. If you require assistance in confirming your application type, please contact our Building Department.

Uncertified applications cannot be used for Class 2-9 buildings, or large farm sheds over 500 m2

BA2 – Application for building permit – uncertified


Certified Building Applications

A Certified Application is used if you wish to have a more straight forward building approval process through the Shire.

To use this option you must first obtain a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) by a Private Building Certifier.

A BA1 Certified application form must be used for this process.

This option can be used for Class 2 to 9 structures, class 1 (residential dwellings) and class 10 (farm sheds with a floor area of more than 500m2, outbuildings, alterations & additions)

If Class 1 structures and alterations/additions are lodged as a certified application the process time will be reduced.

BA1 – Application for building permit – certified


Demolition Applications

For all residential and commercial demolition projects.

BA5 – Application for demolition permit


Occupancy Applications

Apply for an Occupancy Permit to be permitted to use and occupy a commercial (Class 2-9) structure only.

BA9 – Application for occupancy permit


Notice of Completion for approved building works

Once building works have been completed for any project with a Building Permit, a BA7 Notice of Completion is required to be completed and submitted to the Shire of Brookton within seven (7) days.

BA7 – Notice of completion


Building Approval Certificate (BAC) Application

To apply for retrospective approval for unauthorised structures, (buildings constructed without first obtaining a building permit).

BA13 - Application for a Building Approval Certificate



BA2 Uncertified Dwelling Application Checklist Download Here
BA2 Uncertified Private Swimming Pool Application Checklist Download Here
BA2 Uncertified Outbuilding Application Checklist Download Here
Demolition Application Checklist Download here 
Building Application Checklist- Approval Checklist Download here 

Fees & Charges

A list of current Building related Fees & Charges can be found here.