Community Service Awards

Community Service Awards are recognised on Australia Day. If you feel a community member deserves recognition for their ongoing commitment and input to the community, please nominate them by filling in a nomination form, available from the Shire of Brookton administration office, White St.

Community Service Awards Details
Name Year
Anne Stedman, Neil Gill, Dick Crameri, and Fred Mills  2003
Kate Walker 2004 
Anne Whittington and Rita Hobbs  2005 
Eileen Hollingworth, Betty Macinnes and Nick Walawski  2006 
Denise Blechynden  2007 
Graeme Bassett 2008
Chris Eyre and Rob Stedman 2009
- 2010
Laurie Lupton and Jo Walters 2011
Barbara Abbott, George Nelson, Catherine Vuletich and Lynne Young 2012
Sue Bennell, Anne Eva & Rae White 2013
Mark Blechynden, Denise Blechynden, Ellen Parrick & Marlene McGrath 2014
Brad Mills, Jessie Fancote and Jim White 2015
- 2016
Dennis Wilkinson 2017
- 2018
Charlene Hayden & Tarlah Seaman 2019
- 2020
- 2021
Len Simmons 2022
Georgie Beecroft 2023