Dog and Cat Control

WA Contract Ranger Services provide weekly control services to Brookton. If you have any concerns or queries regarding dogs, cats and other animals please call the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106.

Dog Information

Dog owners are required by law under the Dog Act 1976 to:

  • Register their dog with the local council;
  • Ensure their dog is unable to escape from their yard; and
  • Leash their dog at all times in public places

Please note that keeping more than two dogs (excluding working dogs) on a property requires special Council approval - please call the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106 for more information.

Dog Registration Fees

Please refer to the Shire of Brookton's current Fees and Charges 

Proof of concession and dog sterilisation is required at the time of registration in order to qualify for the discounted rates

For further information about dogs please following the link - Fact Sheet for Dog Owners

Cat Information

All cats that have reached six months of age are required to be:

  • Microchipped
  • Sterilised
  • Registered with the local council

Your cat will be required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure they can be easily identified and returned to you if they become lost.

Cat Registration Fees

Please refer to the Shire of Brookton's current Fees and Charges

A person may NOT breed cats unless the person is an approved cat breeder - PENALTY: $5,000 fine for non-compliance - Please call the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106 for more information.

For further information about cats please following the links - Cat Local Law Guide Notes or Laws for Responsible Cat Owners


The Shire of Brookton is proud to be the first local government to partner with Spay it Forward.  The Shire have also waived registration fees for Spay it Forward successful applicants, so any pet that is accepted into the Spay if Forward's program will receive a free lifetime registration with the Shire.

Spay it Forward is a program that provides West Australian Concession card holders with access to subsidised (discounted) sterilisation and microchipping for their pet cats and dogs through partnerships with veterinary practices around WA.

Who can apply?

To be considered for a subsidised desexing surgery and microchip you must be:-

  • A resident of Western Australia
  • An owner over 18 years old
  • A concession card holder
  • and be experiencing significant financial hardship

Further information can be found on the WA Pet Project Website:-


Microchipping is required for cats and dogs to be registered with the local council.

WA Contract Ranger Services provide microchipping services, please contact the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106 to make arrangements.

If your pet cannot receive a microchip for medical reasons, you may obtain an exemption certificate from a registered vet.

Impounded Pets

Have you lost your pet?

We may have it in safe custody, please contact the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106 to check with our staff.

How do I get my pet from the pound?

The impound fees, any fines and registration (if not already registered) is required to be paid to the Shire of Brookton Administration Office prior to the release of your pet.

Once paid, arrangements to return your pet will be made directly with the Ranger.  These arrangement will only be carried out during office hours Monday to Friday.

Pets will not be released from the Pound unless registration is current and fees are paid.  Please refer to fees and charges for ranger and impound costs.