Book of Ideas

Everything begins with an idea!

The Shire of Brookton needs your thoughts for the Book of Ideas

  • Do you have a great idea?
  • What changes are needed in Brookton?
  • Can Brookton be more innovative?
  • How can Brookton sustain itself moving into the future?
  • Where can the community make changes?

Would you like to submit an idea for the Book of Ideas? It is as easy as filling in a Book of Ideas application form then forwarding it to the Shire of Brookton. All ideas are considered regardless of how big or small they may be.  

Application Form - Download here in pdf or Microsoft Word or fill out our online application form below.

Applications can be submitted via post, email or hand delivered to the Shire Administration Office - 14 White St, Brookton.

Book of Ideas success to date:

Electric vehicle charging station-already offered at Liberty Brookton Roadhouse

Book depository-will be offered within the new library service.

Click here to view the Book of Ideas.

Brookton Book of Ideas Online Application

1a. Brief Description Of Your Suggested Idea/project: (Please Tick All That Apply)*
6. Please Indicate If You Would Like To Be In Attendance To Present This Application:*

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