Things To See And Do

Brookton is the Gateway to the Central South, and is strategically located bisecting the Brookton and Great Southern Highways. Tourist traffic has increasing due to the $32m Brookton Highway development completed in 2001. 3km west of the townsite is a lookout where the entire town and the surrounding countryside can be viewed.

The Shire of Brookton Tourist Map can be viewed here

Things to see and do around Brookton include:

Community Events

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Pioneer Park

Old Railway Station And Pioneer Park

The Pioneer Park in the centre of town features picnic facilities and a wonderful water feature.

Brookton Museum & Heritage Centre

Brookton Museum & Heritage Centre

The collection reflects the "Changing Face of Brookton and Its Localities". The exhibitions include Grandma's "wash-house" and a horse drawn table top wagon that was payment for a block of land on which one of Brookton's hotels stands. Exhibitions are revamped periodically and tell stories of the people including the traditional owners, community organisations, businesses and services in the district. The archives are extensive and enquiries are always welcome. The Museum is open by appointment, phone 0427 334 051. Entry and research fees are available on application.

Boyagin Rock

Boyagin Rock

24km south-west of Brookton is the Boyagin Rock Nature Reserve. Boyagin Rock is an imposing outcrop which has been cracked and pitted by weathering. Boyagin Rock is a place of great cultural significance to Nyoongar people, who call it Boogin. They believe that if you walk to the top of the rock without stopping you will live a long life. Boyagin provides a refuge for a variety of wildlife including numbats, goannas, echidnas and Tammar wallabies. Take a walk through the woodlands and listen for the ringing call of the grey currawong whilst you look for the native orchids and other rare plants that grow in the Reserve.

Town Lookout

Town Lookout

Just 2km before reaching Brookton from Perth on the left side of the road (signposted). View the farming land, surrounding bushland and the townsite of Brookton.

Other Places Of Interest

  • Lions Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Playground at the sportsground
  • Boyagarra Pool
  • Kulyalling and Weam reserve
  • Trail of Art walk trail
  • Various old school sites (Touring map available from Brookton Museum & Heritage Centre)