Public Notices

1. Audit Findings

In accordance with Section 7.12(4) and Section 7.12(5) of the Local Government Act 1995 requires a local government to: 

(4) A local government must - 

  1. Prepare a report addressing any matters identified as significant by the auditor in the audit report, and stating what action the local government has taken or intents to take with respect to each of those matters; and

  2. Give a copy of that report to the Minister within 3 months after the audit report is received by the local government. 

  3. Within 14 days after a local government gives a report to the Minister under subsection (4)(b), the CEO must publish a copy of the report on the local government's official website. 

To view the letter identifying significant matters raised by the Office of the Auditor General, and the responses provided by the Shire of Brookton's Administration, in the 2019-20 Audit report, please download here