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Public Comment and Community Consultation

Brookton Town Hall - Architectural Concept Designs 

The Council has arrived at a point in time with the Brookton Memorial Town Hall that we are now seeking the Communities feedback about it's future. Council engaged Stephen Carrick Architect to prepare three options for Council and the Community to consider, stressing that these are concept designs and once a decision is reached (by Council) further design works will need to be undertaken. We asked Stephen and his team to prepare the following options:

  1. Town Hall Restoration - taking into account the Conservation Plan and local historical significant, restore the building and make it compliant. 
  2. Town Hall Refurbishment - taking into account local historical significant, refurbish the building to allow for increased and alternate usage. 
  3. A new Building - located at the WB Eva Pavilion Precinct, address the needs of the community through the provision of a new "Town Hall" looking out onto the oval.

Architect Stephen Carrick will be completing 2 Community Information/Question Sessions at the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 10.30am and 6.30pm.

Brookton Memorial Hall background - view here

Concept 1 (Restoration) - view here

Concept 2 (Refurbishment) - view here

Concept 3 (New Building) - view here

The Shire President's media release - view here 

Submission Form - download here 

OR the below online form can be completed.

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Please note – all information provided on this submission form will be published in the Shire of Brookton agenda and minutes relevant to this submission. Phone numbers and email addresses will be redacted for the Shire’s website.

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