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Public Comment and Community Consultation

The Shire of Brookton currently has one item out for comment or consultation. 

Brookton Railway Station


I am pleased to announce that Council has arrived at a point in time with the Brookton Railway Station that we are now seeking the Communities feedback about its future. Council engaged Architect Stephen Carrick to prepare three options as follows:

  1. Railway Station Restoration – considering the Conservation Plan and local historical significance, restore the building and make it compliant.
  2. Railway Station Reconstruction – considering local historical significance, the significant deterioration in the structure, rebuild the station as an exact replica with modern materials, and a flexible use.
  3. An Open plan Structure – that acknowledges the current buildings importance in the landscape, provide a location for the community and visitors to make use of the station platform for a variety of uses and functions.

A fourth option has also been prepared by Stephen Carrick at his initiative to illustrate to Council and the Brookton community an additional alterative to the three requested options. This fourth option seeks to recognise the local historical significance in reflection of the current Station building, and its importance in the streetscape, whilst also offering a contemporary building to reactivate the Main Street, which has been a long-held desire.

With the Council having formally accepted the four designs at its September 2021 ordinary meeting, an approx. 8-week consultation period will commence on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 that will include two (2) public meetings to be held on Thursday 14th October 2021. The Council acknowledges there may be some criticism of the timing, but in keeping with our commitment to progress a decision on the Railway Station in a timely manner this timing us unavoidable. The full Media Release can be downloaded here

Background information can be downloaded here

Option 1 - Restoration, can be downloaded here

Option 2 - Replica New Building, can be downloaded here

Option 3 - Replacement New Building, can be downloaded here

Option 4 - New + Addition Option, can be downloaded here