Brookton Cemetery

Welcome to Brookton Cemetery, a place of solemnity and remembrance located on McGuire Road, Brookton.

Since 1908, the Brookton Cemetery has served as the final resting place for local residents, encompassing various denominations and non-denominational sections.

With 1,200 plots, the Brookton Cemetery offers a tranquil and spacious environment for families to honour their loved ones. 

Situated on the edge of the Brookton townsite, the Brookton Cemetery is easily accessible via Yeo Road and McGuire Road.


Explore the Brookton Cemetery’s records online to locate the resting place of loved ones, to create a lasting online memorial, or to identify and purchase your plot at the Brookton Cemetery. 


Services can be held in local Churches, Halls or on site - however, please note, there are no bathroom or refreshment facilities at the Cemetery. Ask your funeral director to provide drinking water during the funeral service. 

Please contact the Shire Administration centre for additional information on the following: 

  • Purchase of grave sites for burial. 
  • Sinking of graves and reopenings. 
  • Permission to erect headstones, monuments and/or kerbing. 
  • Internment of ashes to an existing grave or niche wall. 
  • Burial Plot and Niche Wall reservations. 
  • Plaques and vases. 

Shire of Brookton Cemetery Guide - available here



Burials are usually arranged through a Funeral Director and can be conducted on any day. 

Hand filling of the grave can also be arranged. 

Niche Wall

The Brookton Cemetery does not have a crematorium, however, ashes can be interred in the Niche Wall. 

Forms are available from the Shire Administration Centre.


Monuments can be installed one year after the burial. A request is to be made in writing and the company constructing and installing the monument usually does this. There is a fee and monuments are to be approved by the Shire prior to installation. 


Families may reserve up to 8 (eight) burial plots at any one time - otherwise Council approval is required. All reservations must be paid for at the time of reservation. 

Fees and Charges

The Shire of Brookton's current Fee's and Charges can be viewed here