MEDIA RELEASE - 16 April 2021 - Brookton Railway Station Update

Published on Friday, 16 April 2021 at 7:59:52 AM


From the Shire President – Cr Katrina Crute

To the Community,

On behalf of Council, I would again like to thank the Community for its ongoing support and patience as we work through several issues with regards to the Railway Station. As has been previously communicated with you, Council is committed to following a methodical approach to deliver the best outcome for the Community, now, and into the future.

I am pleased to inform you that at last night's meeting, the Council agreed to endorse the Architectural Consultant’s Brief to progress the Brookton Railway Station Concept Design, and Costing Plan. This will see three options prepared for assessment, and input from the Community, being a similar process to that of the Town Hall.

The Options for the Railway Station building includes:

  1. Restoration of existing building – this will see the restoration of the current building on a historical basis, with the removal of some internal walls (if possible), to improve functionality and usability of the existing floor area.
  2. New Construction of a replica building – this will see the demolition of the current building, and a new replica Railway Station building (new for old), based on the same external presentation, however, remodelled internally to achieve better functionality, and usability, for generations to come.
  3. New Construction of a replacement building – this will see the demolition of the current building, and an alternate building that represents the existing Railway Station buildings position in the landscape, constructed on the same site.

Moving forward, the Council will now call for suitably qualified Architects to submit a quote to perform the required works based on the Concept Design and Costings Plan. Upon selecting the successful Architect, the three design options will be prepared (with associated costs), for initial consideration, and endorsement by Council. It is envisaged this will take 6 to 8 weeks to complete, upon which Council will conduct a Community Engagement process, consistent with the Town Hall process, inviting the community to view all three options, listen to the advice of the Architect, and then present your feedback to the Shire Council, after which a decision will be made by Council on the preferred design option, taking into consideration community input. All this will occur whilst the Council awaits transfer of the land tenure for the Railway Reserve, and buildings, from the Public Transport Authority.

In addition, I am pleased to announce the WA State Government, through the Wheatbelt Development Commission, has gifted the Shire of Brookton $40,000, to progress Railway Station Project. This is a generous contribution that the Council is extremely grateful for, and very important for this Community Project. To this end I would like to acknowledge and thank the Hon. Darren West MLC for his assistance is securing this funding.

In closing, I encourage all of you to get involved, and present your feedback and views when the time comes, as this helps inform Council in its deliberations to arrive at a final decision on the future of our valued Railway Station building.

Once again, thank you for your patience.

Cr Katrina Crute on behalf of the Shire of Brookton Councillor’s.

16 April 2021

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