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Next Generation Brookton

We are doing something really important. We are planning for Brookton's next generation.
Residents, business owners, workers, visitors, partners and Shire contributors - we are all in this together.

Since 2013 each local government has had to complete a Strategic Community Plan 10 years in advance.  That's some serious planning.  This plan dictates everything that will be done in Brookton throughout this period and we have to update it every two years.

Yes, it's really important


Community members have been attending stakeholder sessions and contributing their views and soon we will also be engaging with smaller focus groups.  We ask that you please complete this short, smart and pretty snazzy survey so we can ensure your views count and also ensure we are best preparing for Brookton's next generation.

Click here for the link to the general community survey.
Click here if you are aged under 25 for the link to the youth survey

Hard copies are also available at the Shire Office, Brookton CRC and Brookton Newsagency.

Your opportunity to contribute through the survey closes on the 21st November 2017.
Thank you for your contribution.

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Notice is hereby given that the local government of the Shire of Brookton has prepared the above-mentioned planning scheme.

Plans and documents that set out and explain the Planning Scheme have been deposited at the Shire of Brookton Administration Office, 14 White Street Brookton, and at the Western Australian Planning Commission, 140 William Street Perth, and are available for inspection during office hours. These plans and documents can aval below

Submissions on the Planning Scheme may be lodged in writing with the undersigned on or before Wednesday 31st January 2018 using the Local Planning Scheme Submission Form 3A.

It is important that each submission should include the Scheme name and number, the property affected and details of the submission with additional pages attached if necessary.

 Ian D’Arcy

Chief Executive Officer

CLICK HERE to download Local Town Planning Scheme No.4

CLICK HERE to download Map 1 - Brookton West

CLICK HERE to download Map 2 - Brookton East

CLICK HERE to download Map 3 - Brookton Townsite North

CLICK HERE to download Map 4 - Brookton Townsite South