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Next Generation - Consultation Results

In November and December so many community members and stakeholders contributed their spirited thoughts towards Brookton's Next Generation.  Consultant Sally Carbon, from Green Eleven has put together three colourful books made up of many of the anecdotal quotes, as well as quantitative votes on what we want to achieve together, going forward.

This feedback represents about 65%of anecdotal feedback with some quotes not included simply because it would be repeating the same views.

Please have a good read, take some notes, and look forward to Brookton's Strategic Community Plan updates after Christmas. We sincerely thank that community of Brookton for their contribution.

Book 1 - Stakeholder Feedback can be downloaded here

Book 2 - Survey Results and Feedback can be downloaded here

Book 3 - Focus Group Feedback can be downloaded here

Next Generation - Strategic Community Plan

A big thank you to everyone who came to the launch of the Strategic Community Plan.

It was very encouraging to see so many community members keen to get involved in the next stage of Next Generation Brookton.

Advisory Groups:

In order to achieve the outcomes set out in the Strategic Community Plan, we are asking for your assistance in forming advisory groups. These groups will be:

  • Next Generation BROOKTON Innovations Advisory Groupthis group will be the first primary filter for receiving, analysing and vetting ideas and suggested projects from the Brookton community. Assessment by this group is performed against the BROOKTON 20 and the Live, Work and Visit vision of the SCP.
  • Next Generation BROOKTON Strategic Business Advisory Group – this group will provide advice and recommendations to the Shire Council, as well as co-ordinate and oversee major projects of a commercial or economic nature for the betterment of the Brookton economy and community.
  • Next Generation BROOKTON Community Enterprise Advisory Group – this group will co-ordinate and oversee community projects listed in the Shire of Brookton Corporate Business Plan, or arising from the ‘Innovations Pathway’ and the BROOKTON Book of Initiatives.

If you did not receive a copy in the mail, the Advisory Group application form can be downloaded here or you can collect a copy from the Shire Office. Applications for the Advisory Groups close Monday 11th June 2018 4pm.

Book of Ideas:

The Book of Ideas is a living document that supports our unique BROOKTON Innovations Pathway.

The book will contain all major or minor, economic or community ideas BROOKTON community members have considered and wish for the initiative to remain on the ‘list’. Community members can add an idea to this list at any time by completing the application form.

The Book of Ideas application form can be downloaded here or you can collect a copy from the Shire Office.  You can submit an application to the Book of Ideas at any time.