Notice of intention to adopt a plant hire fee for private hire of a fire tender

Published: Thursday, 15 November 2018 at 8:33:28 AM

As a result of a Council Resolution OMC 10.18-04 the Shire of Brookton is implementing a new fee for the private hire of a fire tender. 

The resolution was adopted to enable formalised arrangements to be put in place for prescribed burns requested by private land holders utilising fire and emergency / bush fire brigade volunteers.

The practice, previously conducted with minimal formal framework, provided the volunteers training opportunities, a small source of income (for equipment improvements and the like) and fire mitigation benefits.

The new formal process reflect the use of the Shire equipment and ensures the volunteers are covered by insurance when conducting these burns.

The new process involves: 

  • A brigade member undertaking burn planning that includes a risk assessment and a time and fee based cost estimate.
  • The land holder, assuming they wish to proceed with the burn, submitting a private work request for the burn in line with nominated pricing.
  • Generation of a fire permit for the burn by an authorised brigade member.  (Note: The permit associated risks of the burn reside with the requesting landholder)
  • The burn is conducted by the volunteers.
  • Payment is made by the landholder to the Shire who in turn administers the funds including transfer of funds to volunteer brigade involved.

The private works charge out for the works under this process is achieved by the application of the Council endorsed private works fee for the fire tender involved.

The fee for a fire tender under this arrangement is $184.00 per hour inclusive of GST. This fee will be imposed from 15th November 2018.

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