Next Generation - Consultation Results

Published: Monday, 30 July 2018 at 12:00:00 AM

Next Generation - Consultation Results

In November and December so many community members and stakeholders contributed their spirited thoughts towards Brookton's Next Generation.  Consultant Sally Carbon, from Green Eleven has put together three colourful books made up of many of the anecdotal quotes, as well as quantitative votes on what we want to achieve together, going forward.

This feedback represents about 65%of anecdotal feedback with some quotes not included simply because it would be repeating the same views.

Please have a good read, take some notes, and look forward to Brookton's Strategic Community Plan updates after Christmas. We sincerely thank that community of Brookton for their contribution.

Book 1 - Stakeholder Feedback can be downloaded here

Book 2 - Survey Results and Feedback can be downloaded here

Book 3 - Focus Group Feedback can be downloaded here

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