New Shire of Brookton Boundary Signage

Published on Friday, 11 September 2020 at 10:07:59 AM

The Shire of Brookton  - Book of Ideas

You may have noticed the new Brookton signage now erected at the outer boundaries of Brookton.

This project was initiated as part of the Book of Ideas through the Innovations Pathway,  a simple way for community members to enter ideas they would like to see instigated in Brookton. Examples of ideas sent through to date include:

  • New Energy Waste System
  • Independent Living Units
  • Brookton Community Garden
  • Bike Track
  • Garage Sale Trail 
  • Recreational Precinct Plan
  • Men's Shed Building
  • Youth Group Building
  • Winter Festival
  • Caravan Park Update
  • Nature Trail

The original Book of Idea that instigated the new signage was a prompt to create a more vibrant look to the Brookton brand. This then sparked a brain storm through the Innovations committees who came up with a competition to design new signage and a possibility the winning design could inspire new branding for Brookton. 

Brookton's new logo, inspired by the winning art design is a representation of the town with the design reflecting different elements making up Brookton's community.

Blue - The Shire of Brookton

Green - Brookton Businesses

Pink - The Brookton Community

Yellow - Agricultural Link

Black outlined white line with orange circles - Represents the indigenous linkages and history found throughout Brookton.

Please note the size of colour elements used is not a size measurement of the elements within the community, rather acknowledgement of the factors within the town.

The Shire of Brookton congratulate Jessie Spark as the winner of the Brookton Entry Design Competition, inspiring a new logo brand for Brookton.

Pictured with the new signage.

Jessie Spark (2nd from left), Cr Neil Walker, Tamara Lilly (CRC representative and member of Council, orange & black scarf), and Jaz Locke (the latest Book of Ideas entrant, 2nd from left)

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