Media Release - Proposed sale of Kalkarni Residential Aged Care & Saddleback Medical Centre

Published: Monday, 18 March 2019 at 1:00:44 PM


Submissions have now closed on the proposal of Lot 511 Whittington Street, Brookton (Kalkarni Residential Aged Care & Saddleback Medical Centre) and I would like to thank all those people and organisations who took the time to put in a submission.

The Shire received 62 submissions and many of the submitters asked additional questions and/or sought further clarification or information about the process on their submission form.

The Shire will not be answering questions or issues that are contained within individual submissions but will address these questions/issues as part of the overall report to Council. As you can appreciate, several submissions contained very similar questions and issues and some of the issues and solutions raised in the submissions required careful and due consideration.

The Shire Administration is now compiling all the submissions together for a report for Councils consideration. Given the numbers of submissions received, it is unlikely that the report will be prepared in time for the April 2019 Council meeting. Please be patient as we begin to read and analyse your submissions and the information contained therein.


Cr Katrina Crute

Shire President

18 March 2019

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