MEDIA RELEASE - In case of Power Outage...

Published: Friday, 14 February 2020 at 11:27:22 AM

To Residents,

The Shire understands the weather is forecast for the coming days to be:

  • Friday 14th February 2020 (Today) - 37° with a risk of Thunderstorm.
  • Saturday 15th February 2020 (Tomorrow) - 36° and mostly Sunny.

Given the hot humid weather, should there be a power outage during this period, the Shire will arrange for the WB Eva Pavilion (with air conditioning and supported by a generator) to be made available for the comfort of vulnerable residents, on a BYO food, drinks and activities basis.

It is also appreciated if residents on Facebook can share this message with those who are not, should an outage occur.

Many Thanks,

Katrina Crute

Shire President

 14th February 2020

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