MEDIA RELEASE - Brookton Memorial Hall

Published on Friday, 5 March 2021 at 9:18:45 AM


From the Shire President – Cr Katrina Crute
To the Community,
On behalf of Council, I would like to thank the Community for its active participation in the Public Consultation on the options available to BROOKTON for the Memorial Hall that totalled 139 submissions, all of which were very positive and informing for Council.

Last night a Special Meeting was convened where Council acknowledged the very positive and constructive feedback received from the community. The Council unanimously endorsed Option 2 for the Hall, being the Restoration and Refurbishment Option, appreciating the importance of the Memorial Hall to the Community and agreed to progress further review, and refinement to the Hall design to arrive at a final plan. This will be done with guidance from the Architect, and it will take into consideration suggested changes from the Community and Councillors received through this process.

Once finalising the Hall design, Council has also agreed to establish and adhere to a project delivery plan and indicative timeframe. This will consider funding and budgetary considerations, any necessary statutory approval process, and regulatory compliance requirements.

More importantly, Council is committed to ensuring cost efficiencies are achieved, where possible, and practical, whilst minimising disruption to the Community.

So, on behalf of Council, I will continue to keep you (the Community) informed on the progress of the Memorial Hall upgrades, and restoration. In return, I sincerely request your patience as Council proceeds with the final planning, and implementation of Option 2, to deliver to the Community a truly Multifunctional Hall that will serve many generations to come.

Cr Katrina Crute on behalf of the Shire of Brookton Councillor’s.

05 March 2021

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