Media Release - Brookton Library Service

Published: Monday, 17 December 2018 at 3:16:51 PM



The Shire President, Cr Katrina Crute, today announced that the Brookton Library service has been checked out from the CRC Building and will be relocated in the Shire Admin building in White Street.

Cr Crute said “removal of the library from the Brookton CRC has come about because of the CRC’s Management Committee decision not to seek an extension to the library contract into 2019”.

The Shire had contracted the CRC to provide library services for over 20 years and the cost this year from the Shire to the CRC for the library was over $27,000.

Cr Crute expressed “it was disappointing that the service could not remain located in Robinson Road, but the removal and its reinvention at the Shire office was an opportunity to review the collection and the service levels”.

The Shire President further advised that the WA State Library have offered their full assistance with the collection and are looking forward, together with the Shire, to providing a library service that will be tailored to Brookton needs.

It is anticipated that the new Library service will be operating by early February 2019 and Cr Crute has asked all current and future patrons for their patience while the service is transformed.

If any current library patrons have items from the Library, it would be appreciated if these items can be dropped back to the Shire office at any time during normal office hours.

More details about the new service will be provided in January 2019.

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