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Online Form - Community Chest Fund Application Form

Is Your Organisation Incorporated? *

5. Acknowledgement Of Shire Of Brookton Sponsorship

It is a requirement of funding that the words “Sponsored by the Shire of Brookton” and the Shire’s logo be displayed at your project/event.

Please advise the ways you will be able to acknowledge the Shire of Brookton’s sponsorship: *

6. Budget Estimates

Please click here to download and fill out Income/Expenditure Table.

Once completed and filled out, re-upload it below.

7. Did Your Organisation Receive The Community Chest Funding In 2017/2018?

9. Funding Conditions:

  1. The grant funds will be expended on the agreed project only.
  2. The Shire of Brookton’s support of the project will be acknowledged in any advertising or promotional activities related to the project.
  3. Two invitations will be sent to the Shire of Brookton for your event or project.
  4. The project will conform to all relevant Bylaws and Acts in force at the time.
  5. Any unexpended grant funds will be returned to the Shire of Brookton.
  6. The funds must be expended and acquitted by 30th June of the financial year in which they are received.
  7. Invoices and receipts for the expenditure of the Community Chest funds must be provided to Council within three months of the completion of your project/event along with a brief report on your event or project which includes copies of any advertisements, posters, programmes or newspaper coverage.

Please Ensure You Have Read The Above Grant Conditions Before Signing Below:

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Our organisation agrees to comply with the funding conditions set out above. I declare that I have been authorised to prepare and submit this application, and that the information presented is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if Council approves the application, we will abide by the funding conditions set out above.

Click here to view the Shire of Brookton Community Funding and Donations Policy.

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