Dog and Cat Control

WA Contract Ranger Services provide weekly control services to Brookton. If you have any concerns or queries regarding dogs,cats and other animals please call the Shire Administration Office on (08) 9642 1106.

Dogs must be kept on a leash when in public except in designated dog exercise areas. As the owner, you can be given an on-the-spot fine of $100 for not having your dog on a leash or allowing it to roam.

Dog Registration

General RulesIn town you are allowed two (2) dogs per household;

  • You are allowed up to three (3) working dogs, out of town only;
  • All dog licences expire on 31 October the year they are registered to;
  • Dogs over 3 months old must be registered, the penalty for not registering your dog is a $100 fine;
  • A person under 18 cannot register a dog.
  • If you are claiming a pensioner discount you must produce a current concession card when registering your dog.
  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to prove their dog is sterilised. If your dog/s is/are sterilised then you must produce a sterilisation certificate from a vet. If you do not have or can’t find a your dog's sterilization certificate you can:
    • Go home and look;
    • Contact the vet who sterilized the dog/s, they would have this information on file;
    • Complete a Statutory Declaration. This must be witnessed by a Commissioner of Declarations or a JP.
    • Cliff Fishlock at Gill Rural Traders or Les Eyre at Brookton Newsagency are both JP’s.
  • The registration tag and name and address of owner are required to be fixed to the dog’s collar. These tags allow identification and prompt return of your dog should it get lost.
  • If you wish to keep more than two dogs or a kennel on your premises, you must apply to Council in writing. Council will consider your request at its next meeting.

We will notify you by mail when your dog is due for re-registration.

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Impounded Animals

Have you lost you pet?

Maybe we have it safe custody.  The table below displays the dogs currently impounded from within the Shire of Brookton.

If your dog is missing and not on the list please contact the Shire office on (08) 9642 1106 or via email:

How do I get my pet from the Pound?

The impound fees, any fines and registration (if not already registered) will need to be paid to the Shire of Brookton administration office prior to the release of your pet.

Once paid, arrangements to return your pet will be made directly with the Ranger.  These arrangement will only be carried out during office hours Monday to Friday.

Pets will not be released from the Pound unless registration is current and fees are paid. Refer to fees and charges for costs.

Pets currently impounded