Policy 1.16 Buy Local


To ensure that when purchasing goods and services over $2,000 the Shire achieves the best possible value for money whilst supporting local businesses where possible.


The Shire of Brookton recognises that it has a role in the economic development of the local community and is committed to supporting local businesses, provided they are competitive with respect to the quality of their workmanship or product, customer service, delivery and price.

To this end the Shire will:

  1. Ensure a “Buy Local” culture within the Shire workforce;
  2. Request quotations from local businesses whenever possible;
  3. Encourage the use of local businesses in the delivery chain whenever goods, materials and services have to be sourced from outside the Shire; and
  4. Apply a 5% price preference for all quotations for goods and services over $2,000 up to a maximum price $150,000.
  5. To ensure that this Procedure is consistent with Council’s Procurement Policy.

To be eligible to claim a price preference, a business must have a permanent office and permanent staff in the Shire of Brookton for a period of six months prior to quotations being sought and be registered or licensed in Western Australia.

If a supplier has concerns about the application of this Policy, this should be taken up in writing with the Chief Executive Officer.