Policy 1.24 - Economic Development 


The Shire is seen as a welcoming and attractive place to develop and expand new and existing business.



To define the Councils role in economic development and to guide staff in the level of assistance the Shire will provide to business.


Policy Statement:

The Shire of Brookton has a key role in the local and regional economy. The community has highlighted economic development as a priority and Council is committed to achieving “A strong and sustainable local economy” as detailed in the Strategic Community Plan.

Council will pursue the outcomes identified within the Strategic Community Plan:

  • A diverse and strong economic base
  • Appropriate infrastructure that supports sustainable economic development
  • Viable businesses with opportunities for local employment
  • Availability of land for housing and industrial development

Council recognises that agricultural activity is the key economic and social driver of the community. Council is committed to sustainable economic development and aims to continue to grow our economic base.

The Shire will need to be adaptive in its approach. We will be a regional leader and involve our citizens in the decision making process.



The Shire will influence economic growth through advocacy, facilitation, planning, service provision and having the capacity and tools to enhance the local economy.

Council will provide a positive climate to encourage business development and will form strategic alliances with other local governments, community groups and local businesses.

Council will assist business by:

  • Taking a facilitative approach with applications
  • Providing statistical and general information
  • Providing assistance and advice obtaining Government grants
  • Providing links to business networks
  • Supporting business and employment support programmes


A ‘project of local significance’ may warrant additional support as determined by the Chief Executive Officer.  A project of local significance is one that:

  • has a long-term commitment to the Shire
  • will have significant flow on effects
  • Will add diversity to the Shire’s economic base
  • Will add value to the existing economic base
  • Will add services to the community.

Where a project is declared a project of local significance, the CEO may appoint a senior staff member as a liaison officer to assist navigation of the approvals processes.

The level of support offered will reflect the level of benefit the community may derive from the investment.


  • The policy will guide the development and implementation of a local Economic Development Plan.
  • The policy will be publically available via the website, and will be provided to businesses seeking to invest in the area.
  • All sections of the organisation will be made aware of the Policy and the priority placed on it.
  • Council will measure, monitor and report on progress towards sustainable economic development.