Secondary Freight Network Project

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 August 2017 at 8:21:37 AM

The Shire of Brookton, along with the 41 other Wheatbelt local governments, is working towards an integrated Wheatbelt Secondary Collector Freight Route project. The aim of the project is to develop an interconnected road network for heavy haulage across Local Government Authorities so that freight can be delivered to and from Wheatbelt towns and farms. The goal is to concentrate heavy traffic on specific routes (local roads) which lead to main transport road, such as Brookton Highway.

To achieve this the Shires intend to upgrade those local roads to a minimum standard and have consistent RAV ratings along these routes. This will enhance safety on our roads and alleviate the interaction between heavy traffic and local traffic.

Currently, Shires are analysing existing roads to ascertain exactly what work needs to be done to upgrade the designated routes. This will allow us to calculate a total cost for the project.

We are working in collaboration with our Regional Road Groups (Wheatbelt North and Wheatbelt South), Regional Development Australia (Wheatbelt), Main Roads WA and the Western Australian Local Government Association to develop a business case to have this project added to the Infrastructure Australia priority list, which will enhance our ability to attract funding.

Go to this link to see the map: Secondary Freight Routes map

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