New Shire President takes the reins at the Shire of Brookton

Posted on: Monday, 24 April 2017 at 3:55:27 PM

Following the resignation of Brookton farmer Kym Wilkinson as Shire President on 16th March 2017, the Shire Council at its Ordinary Meeting on 20th April 2017 elected Cr Katrina Crute (former Deputy Shire President) as the new Shire President, and Cr Neil Walker as Deputy Shire President.

Both appointments were made unopposed, and will serve up until the Local Government Ordinary Elections scheduled for mid-October, 2017. 

 Comments attributed to Cr Crute, Shire President:

“Firstly, I would like to recognise Cr Wilkinson for his leadership and foresight as the former Shire President, and acknowledge his personal commitment to succession planning that has afforded to me this opportunity.   

“Also, I am extremely great full for the confidence entrusted in me by Council.

“Being elected as Shire President is both humbling and an honour, where I am delighted to be appointed as Shire President to represent the Council, and the diverse interests of the Brookton community.”

 Comments attributed to Cr Walker, Deputy Shire President:

“I too am very appreciative of Cr Wilkinson’s contribution and leadership to this community. I sincerely believe Council’s decision to appoint Cr Crute as his successor illustrates the progressive thinking and maturity of this Council, and look forward to serving as Deputy Shire President under the leadership of Cr Crute and direction of Council in the best interests of the local community.”   


For further information, the authorised contacts are:

Cr Katrina Crute

Shire President

T: 0439 373 282



Ian D’Arcy

Chief Executive Officer

T: 08 9642 1106


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