President hands over the reins at the Shire of Brookton

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 March 2017 at 8:20:21 AM

Brookton farmer Kym Wilkinson has stepped down as Shire President effective 16 March. Cr Wilkinson will remain on Council until his term expires in October.

Deputy President Cr Katrina Crute assumes the role until the next Ordinary Meeting of Council where Councillors will nominate and elect a new President.

Cr Crute said that the Brookton community had benefited greatly from President Wilkinson’s inclusive leadership style.
“Kym has been part of the leadership team over some challenging times” Cr Crute said today. “From the development and implementation of our sports and recreation facilities plan through to the investigation of Shire amalgamations, Kym has always held the broader community interests at the forefront.”

“He has been very giving of his time, particularly through the Regional Transition Group amalgamation process that required significant attendance at regional meetings.” Cr Crute also praised Cr Wilkinson for his personal touch commenting “The establishment of regular meetings with former Shire Presidents has allowed a connection from the past and guidance as we plan for the future.”
Cr Wilkinson was first sworn in as a Councillor in May 2003 and was elected Deputy President in October 2007. Cr Wilkinson became President in October 2013.

Cr Wilkinson has moved to Perth with his wife Fleur and their two daughters. The whole family are very active in the community and will be sadly missed.

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