Citizen Of The Year

The Brookton Citizen of the Year title is awarded on Australia Day. If you feel a community member deserves recognition for their outstanding achievements over the past year, please nominate them by filling in a nomination form, available from the Shire of Brookton administration office, White St.

Citizen Of The Year Details
Bob Meecham 1993
Eva Willis and Ivy Pritchard 1994 
Betty Keyser  1995 
Cliff Fishlock  1996 
Harry Whittington  1997 
Ian Eva 1998 
John Matthews  1999 
Judy Williams 2001 
Kim Mills  2002 
Jan Eva  2005 
Jo Lupton  2006 
Neil Walker  2007 
David Bond 2008
Les Eyre 2009
Neil Gill 2010
Colin Mills 2011
Vera Pridham 2012
Anne Stedman & Kate Walker 2013
Barry Coote 2014
Ross Evans 2015
Geoff Matthews & Brett Whittington 2016